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Tired of struggling with porn?


Let me show you how to build a life without porn. Struggling and fighting with porn day after day is no way to live your life. Learn to leave porn behind once and for all and get on with your life. Post Porn Life gets porn out of your life by showing you the path to a concrete, realistic, and awesome life after porn.

Stop being afraid of porn. No more fear. No more fighting. No more relapsing. It’s time to move on.

This is not your neighbor’s “porn recovery” program. A Post Porn Life is a different way of getting porn out of your life. I teach why you may have failed in the past and how to move confidently past your own roadblocks so you can you to leave porn behind once and for all.

This program is unique. There are many porn recovery programs out there and if you find one that is a better fit for you, please use it. But if you’re the kind of man who is looking for concrete, real-world, porn-ending guidance you’ll find a home with a Post Porn Life. Here’s who should use this program:

  • Men who want to be free from porn – yet live a relaxed and stress free life. Being in a constant state of vigilance and resistance is exhausting and counterproductive. I’ll teach you how to leave it behind and find peace and happiness in a life beyond porn.
  • Men who enjoy women and sex. I think women and sex are fantastic. I bet you do, too. In this program you learn to get rid of porn without suppressing your enjoyment of women and sex. Enjoy and appreciate your natural sexuality.
  • Men who don’t want a negative mindset. My program is about running toward a better, fuller life, not running away from porn. Don’t live scared anymore.
  • Everyone is welcome! You can comfortably apply what I teach in a way that is in harmony with your religious beliefs. I won’t tell you what to believe or try to change your faith. Whatever your faith tradition, you’ll feel welcome here and will find techniques and perspectives that fit your life.

Make an investment in your life. For about the cost of a single video game you can make a real, permanent change in your life. A small investment that will pay back with happiness, better relationships, and personal pride – for the rest of your life.

Live, self-study, or both – you pick. The program consists of three learning sessions each about an hour and a half in length. Participate live and submit questions if you have them. Or if you prefer, choose self-study and move at your own pace. You can do both at no extra charge!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. But I’ll be honest – this program isn’t for everyone. That’s why I offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you work through the program and it’s not a fit for you, just email me and I’ll refund your money no questions asked, and you can try something else.


Ready? Fasten your seat belt.

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